To My Sweetheart

Happy Valentine’s day to my sweetheart, Jon. Here he is hard at work or playing a computer game (I don’t remember which) after I gave him one of the heart pins I made and posted about yesterday.  Whatever he’s doing he sure looks into it doesn’t he?

And here’s the card I made for him after he went off to his first day of work this morning. The inside has another drawing and says, “and that bunny is me. Happy Valentine’s Day.”  A bit corny?  Don’t care!  We both like small, cuddly creatures with largish ears if you haven’t guesses.

This is a pin inspired by a remark that Jon made to me this Saturday. I was wearing a cute plastic pin from the 80s of a koala bear with a heart.  On the heart it said, “love ya!” to which Jon said it should say. “love me.” Great idea hubby! (oops, he hates it when I call him that).


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