Toot Tuesday; Inventory Organizer

Have you ever participated in a craft fair and felt that your inventory was less than organized?  If you can’t have every single thing that you have for sale on display, than you’re gong to need a place to store the overflow while at the event so that it’s easy to access.  This is something that occurred to me just today as I was putting the finishing touches on my last batch of puzzle piece earrings for the upcoming Cleveland Craft Coalition Art and Craft Bazaar.

That’s why today I’m sharing this super easy way to organize your inventory using things you probably already have around your house.

A container that you already have. I used this old tackle box that was currently empty because it was the right size to hold all the earrings that I’ve made, plus it has a handy handle. A shoe box would also work very well.
Cardboard. Not corrugated cardboard, more like mat board. I have a bunch of board that I keep from large-scale sketch pads and damaged mats from art work.
Utility knife
Masking tape

1. Measure your box to determine what sizes to make your compartment boxes.  Keep in mind that if your container has rounded corners like mine, your compartment boxes will have to accommodate that.  Depending on the type of products that you have will determine how big you will want your compartment boxes.  In my case I wanted to separate the earrings into color families.  I also knew that I wanted two levels of boxes.

2. Measure and draw out the bottoms and sides of your box, depending on how big you want your base and sides to be (see above).  Note that the side that you draw your guidelines will be the outside of your box, in case this matters to you.  Using your utility knife and ruler, detach your box from the rest of the board (see below).

3. Following your guidelines, remove the corners from the template, score the remaining lines, and fold up the sides of your box (see below).

4. Place a piece of masking tape on the outside corner of your box, long enough to stick out past the box by about an inch on each side. With your scissors, slit the tape that hangs off the edge of the box down the middle and fold over the sides (see below).

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have as many organizer boxes as you need. If you are making more than one level, as I did, you will want to place a piece of board between the two layers for added support.

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