The Cleveland Craft Coalition Art and Craft Bazaar; March, 2011

Above; Nicki and her Zombie Socks.  Aren’t they the cutest little monsters you’ve ever seen?

Yesterday was the Cleveland Craft Coalition Art and Craft Bazaar for March 2011 held at Bela Dubby cafe/bar.

Unfortunately, the turn out wasn’t as much as I had hoped for but…maybe next time.

Despite the low traffic, I did enjoy participating in the craft fair, if only for the opportunity to hang out with a group of very talented people who enjoy making quirky and interesting objects.

Here I will share the work of [most] of the individuals attending yesterday’s bazaar (there were a couple of booths that I missed including Christin who had beautiful ceramics and is part owner of the new shop Crafty Goodness).

Above two; these lovely ladies crank out some pretty awesome and funky hair accessories adorned with everything from feathers, to ribbon, to plastic skeleton hands giving you the finger for Hissyfit Hairbows.

Above; Renee with some fun St Patrick’s Day tees made by her and bottle cap belts made by her husband.  Check out more of her tees at her two Etsy shops here and here.

Above: Therese with Keyhole Gallery behind her table of wonders!

Above; Jennifer and her lovely recycled glass jewelery.

Above; Willow came to the show with some pretty cool photos and painted glass but she doesn’t have a blog or Etsy shop…yet.

Above; Amy with Tinypop Treats. In addition to participating at nearly all the CCC Art and Craft Bazaars, Amy can cater your next event!  Everyone loves chocolate…Yum!



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5 responses to “The Cleveland Craft Coalition Art and Craft Bazaar; March, 2011

  1. Very Nice Job. I told you I dont take good pictures but thats ok 🙂

  2. I disagree Renee, though I wish your photo was better lit.

  3. Thanks! This is awesome! I hope you’ll be able to participate in our April Showers show. Its going to be huge and it will be at the Sachsenheim Hall on Denison 🙂

  4. Awesome pics! Thanks for posting my table of wonders, lol.

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