Shamrock Garland

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And when you make too many shamrock pins for a craft fair; make St. Patrick’s Day garland!

The pattern for these shamrocks came from  the 1984 Leisure Arts leaflet 328; “Holiday ‘Fridgies’ to Crochet.”  Though this leaflet is 27 years old, you can still find it for sale online at places like Ebay, Etsy vintage, and other sites.  Or, if you are lucky like me, perhaps you already have a vintage shamrock pattern bequeathed to you by a relative.

To make the garland, I first carefully removed all of the pins from the backs of the shamrocks so as not to damage them and so that I could use the pins for future projects.  Then, using my light green yarn I made a chain, attaching the shamrocks at regular intervals using a single crochet stitch.  That was it!  Now we have a pretty garland to dress up our dinning room window or fireplace.

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2 responses to “Shamrock Garland

  1. I love all your crochet projects!! Cute Idea..I would use those as hair ties!!

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