The Rambling Crafter; Public Art


Above; Stencil on sidewalk, Liverpool, England.  July, 2010.

As creative people, we tend to find art and beauty wherever we go.  That old, run down barn or factory; leafless trees on an overcast day; a pile of trash.

But sometimes we come across things that are meant to be art in public spaces.  These murals, stencils, and sculptures are put in public areas (both legally and illegally) by people or groups who, for whatever reason, want us to experience this art without going through the trouble of visiting a museum or gallery.

Today I am sharing with you just some of the public art that I’ve come across in the last year or so where I was lucky enough to have my camera ready.  Enjoy!


Above; Superlambanana, Liverpool, England.
“An ironic comment on the dangers of genetic engineering, it was developed with the city specifically in mind as both the banana and lamb were once a common cargo in Liverpool’s bustling docks.”-Wikipedia

Above; what seemed to be a two-story tall pooping Santa Claus in the middle of a mall in Barcelona, Spain, turned out to be a traditional nativity figure called a caganer.

“The caganer is a particular and highly popular feature of modern Catalan nativity scenes. It is believed to have entered the nativity scene by the late 17th-early 18th century, during the Baroque period…the caganer is often tucked away in a corner of the model, typically nowhere near the manger scene. A tradition in the Catalan Countries is to have children find the hidden figure, a task which they seem to relish. One explanation for the figure is that it represents the equality of all people: regardless of status, race, or gender, everyone defecates.” – Wikipidia

Above two; The mosaics in Park Guell by Antoni Gaudi (also in Barcelona, Spain) are at once amazing works of public art as well as a popular tourist attraction.

Above; my husband, Jon (left) and our friend, Colin, pose with a large replica of a Lego pirate in front of a toy store in Malta. Is it art or just clever advertising? Who cares! I love Legos and I LOVE pirates and I had to have a picture of this guy.

Above two; Statue of War in Cartagena, Spain.

And, just to bring things full circle, above is a mustache man sticker in Cartagena, Spain.


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