How to refinish a picture frame

A few days ago, I wrote how I was inspired to make my most recent line of fabric collages by some old picture frames I had in storage.

Well, I’ve decided to refinish this frames using spray paint and share the process with you.

Step 1: Make sure that your frames are clean and dry.

Step 2: Choose your spray paint. I recommend using a primer regardless of what color or finish you choose.

Step 3: Locate an appropriate spot to work, preferably outdoors, as spray paint has really bad fumes. (I learned this the hard way and started in the attic. Though there are windows I quickly realized that it was a bad idea to do this project inside and immediately moved outdoors). Empty cardboard boxes overturned on grass make excellent work stations.

Step 4: spray the back sides of the frames with your primer. Make sure that you follow the directions on the can and try to spray as evenly as possible. Let dry for at least one hour.

Step 5: Spray the front sides of the frames with primer. Let dry for another hour.

Step 6: Spray the front sides of your frames with your spray paint. If your primer and your paint are the same colors as mine are, or if the back side will not show at all, you can stop here and not spray the back sides with paint, just wait an hour before you handle the frames. If you feel that you want to however, wait another hour and spray the back.

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