Hair Clip Bouquet Display

Today I thought I would share a hair clip display that I came up with shortly before the Spring Showers Show last Saturday.

This  was a fun and simple project that didn’t cost very much money but added height, color, fun and interest to my table.

Since my hair clips are crochet flowers, I thought it would make sense to display them as flowers; that is, in a vase.  For this project I knew that I wanted a vase that had a small opening.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t come up with this idea before my last trip to the thrift store, since cheap vases are usually abundant there.  Instead I went to a local craft store where  I found the vase for $2 as well as the other materials needed for the display: two different gauges of flexible green wire and that dense green foam used in flower arrangements.  All of the items were found in the fake flower department of the store for less than $5.

To make the curly cues I wrapped the wire around different sized knitting needles.  The wire is folded into a small loop at the end so as to prevent the clips from slipping off.  The clips are easily removed for purchase by just opening the clip.

Do you have a fun and interesting product display that you’d like to share?  Tell us about it in the comments, or post a picture on zween’s facebook page.


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  1. lynn

    great idea! thanks

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