Crafty Goodness Grand Opening Today!

Congratulations to the owners of Crafty Goodness for bringing together so many amazing artists and makers from the Cleveland area!

Although Craft Goodness opened last month, today is their grand opening extravaganza!  So if you haven’t been able to see this little gem in Lakewood, I suggest that you get yourself there asap.  It’s a beautiful day; might be a nice destination for an afternoon stroll…just a thought.

Below are the treasures that I picked up in the shop today; brown liquid eye liner and an adorable little birdie pin.  I’m not much of a makeup wearer, but I’ve been wanting eye liner for a while, since people always comments on how small my eyes look.  They didn’t have pencil liners in the shop (but like I said, I don’t really do makeup anyway) so I thought I’d give this stuff a try.  It wasn’t hard at all to put on and gives just the right amount of definition to my eyes I think.

*4/11 update- I later found out that the eyeliner is made by Joanna Orgovan, one of the co-owners of Crafty goodness!  I was able to meet Joanna, and he husband, Matt yesterday at Crafty Goodness (Matt is also a co-owner).  Great people.  It’s a neat thing to be able to meet the people behind the products that you buy.  I’m not sure who is the artist behind the bird pin, but if you know who it is let me know and I’ll add his/her name to this post.*

(spoiler alert: if you are my mom, stop reading now.)  My mom really likes birds so I was thinking about giving her the pin in a card for Mother’s day.

*4/11 update- I just found out that Christin Sorensen of CMS Designs is the mastermind behind the shrinky dink bird pin.  Christin is also a co-owner of Craft goodness.

Today I was also at River Colors Studio where I demonstrated how to make felt beads.  Tomorrow I’m going to post a complete photo tutorial of the process along with the pictures that I took today at River Colors.


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