How to make felt beads + pictures from River Colors Studio demo

Yesterday I taught some very talented ladies how to make these fun and easy felted beads at River Colors Studio.  It was a really great hour of crafting. I mostly enjoyed seeing everyone get so into the process.

below are some photos from the event:

That last photo shows Erika, the owner of River Colors Studio, getting in on the felting fun.

For anyone who was unable to make it to the demo yesterday or who need a reminder for any of the steps, I have compiled a picture tutorial.

How to make felted beads

Materials needed:
Two large bowls (one with hot water and one with cold)
Dish detergent or shampoo

Step 1: Take a bit of your fleece and card it.  alternatively, if you don’t have a carder just separate the fibers with your fingers and make sure that there are no clumps.

Step 2: Roll the fleece into a ball as tightly as you can. This will help create a nice, round bead shape.

Step 3: Now take just a small amount of soap and water in you fingers and lightly massage it into the surface of the bead. What you want to do is lightly felt the outside of the bead so that it doesn’t unravel when you dip it into the water.

Step 4: Dip the bead into the hot water and gently roll the bead between your palms, as you would if you were rolling a ball of dough. Be slow and gentle at first.

Step 5: Once you feel that your bead is getting harder and more felted you can increase the pressure on the bead and the speed of your rolling. To help with the felting, continue to shock the wool by dipping it in the cold water then agitating it (rolling it) then dipping it back into the hot water. Keep doing this until your bead is as felted and hard as you want it to be. (Notice the difference between the hardly felted bead above and the sufficiently felted one below.)

Once your beads are as felted as you’d like them make sure to get all of the soap out of them.  It helps not to use too much soap to begin with and to change your water regularly.  Let your beads dry completely before using them for projects (about 24-48 hours).  A needle and thread should easily pierce the beads.  Now you can sew on embellishments, like seed beads and sequence or just string them together for a necklace or bracelet.  The possibilities are endless!  Here are a couple of things that I made with my finished beads:

Happy felting!

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  1. jenny

    i like your tutorial ! I’ll bookmark this article, and i’ll try to make felt beads… 😀

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