Thank you Crafty Goodness!

So my husband and I went to Crafty Goodness for their grand opening extravaganza this past Saturday and while we were their he signed us up for their raffle drawing, and I won the $25 gift certificate!

Of course we were super excited about this and decided to spend the certificate on stuff for our home.  Below are the treasures we found.  Thank you so much Crafty Goodness!

Above is a soap dish and “vase” from Christin of CMS Designs. Christin also happens to be part owner of Craft Goodness. I’m not sure if toothbrush holder was the intended purpose for the vase, but I think they make a great set for around the sink. I love the textured surfaces that appear on many of her designs, especially the wood grain featured in these pieces.

The other treasure we found was this ceramic magnet. We don’t have many magnets and we love that the ceramic is attached to a nice, strong magnet. Cute and functional, just how we like them! I’m not entirely sure who made this magnet but it has the letters “JMH” inscribed on the back.  If you know who made this please let me know and I’ll add his/her name and link.

*update 4/11- The magnet was made by Jason Hayes a pottery teacher at Shore Cultural Center in Euclid



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2 responses to “Thank you Crafty Goodness!

  1. The magnet was made by Jayson Hayes. He is the pottery teacher at Shore Cultural Center in Euclid. He is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met and an awesome teacher!
    Check out Jay’s Clay Page on FB!

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