Just for fun: personalized cereal box

Yesterday was my brother-in-law Joe’s 17th birthday.  And what better birthday present is there than the gift of a personalized cereal box?!

It all started a couple of weeks ago. My husband Jon had just started working at Trader Joe’s and was buying all of our groceries from there. Their food is awesome by the way, in case you didn’t know.

Anyway, my other brother-in-law, Jake, was over at our house and noticed a box of Joe’s O’s on top of our fridge. He immediately came up with the idea of putting Joe’s picture on it and giving it to him for his upcoming birthday. Actually, his original idea was to put both a picture of Joe and a ferret on the box. The ferret didn’t make it.

So earlier last week I found a picture of Joe on Facebook, then Jon scanned the front of the cereal box and used Adobe Photoshop to superimpose Joe’s face on the front and place the Os on his tongue. We went to Staples to have them print out the image then Jon pasted it to the box. The print is just a bit smaller than the box, but it’s still pretty convincing because the colors match pretty well.

Joe LOVED his present!

Do you have a fun DIY birthday present that you’d like to share? Link to your picture/story in the comments below or post it on zween’s Facebook Page.  And as always, make sure you like zween on Facebook to receive updates on future posts!

Happy 17th birthday Joe!


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