DIY fireplace redo; Legend of Zelda papier-mâché fire

Today I’d like to share a DIY project by my husband, Jon. Jon has been getting into the DIY spirit lately and decided that we needed to update our fireplace niche.

We live in an older home and have a handsome fireplace, and like many people, we don’t actually use it for its intended purpose, that is to say, we don’t light fires in it.

This doesn’t mean the fireplace niche has to be empty or “dead” space. We knew that we wanted to fill it with something interesting and eye-catching, yet integrated with the rest of the room.

This faux fire is the perfect solution. Jon is a big fan of old-school Nintendo games, so this project incorporates that perfectly into fun and graphic fireplace art.

While the following is not a complete step-by-step tutorial for making your own paper-mâché geek craft based on the Legend of Zelda fire, the pictures do show much of the process.  The materials at least are easy to come by and cheap.  All you need is some foam core or cardboard for the inside structure, newspaper and/ or paper shopping bags to use as the paper-mâché, some watered-down white glue (such as Elmore’s), and acrylic paint.

Happy crafting!

The fire has a bit of thickness to it (it’s almost 2 inches thick), so it’s able to stand on its own (see top of post). However, Jon wanted the fire to appear as though it was floating (above photo), so he suspended it with monofilament from a dowel rod wedged into the chimney.

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6 responses to “DIY fireplace redo; Legend of Zelda papier-mâché fire

  1. Gil

    I cannot deny that that fire is quite an awesome spectacle. If I had a fireplace in my house, I would totally do the same thing. Great job!

  2. Andrew’s response : “8-bit fire” .

  3. Lisa

    This just cracked me up! Upon first glance thought you had done some photoshoppery there.

  4. Lisa

    P.S. Are all your books arranged in some color order? Man, I miss you guys! 🙂

    • no Photoshopery here! Just good, old-fashioned paper, glue and point! And yes, all of our books are color coded! I saw it on the Design*Sponge website a few different times and thought that it had a nice visual impact. We miss you too, and hope that your grading is going well!

  5. Ok, I need to do this. Like right now. It is AMAZING. You are my favorite crafty couple. 🙂

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