Needle Felted Friends

The other day my husband came home with an unusual special order request from a co-worker.  She wanted me to make her two pins; a ware wolf carrot and a zombie radish.  She already has a vampire pickle.

After probing my husband, I finally surmised that the vampire pickle pin that she already owns was probably made using the needle felting technique.  If you don’t know how needle felting is done, check out this video by Moxie, which was featured a few weeks ago on Craftzine.

Watching the video made me want to try out this process, but since money is tight right now, I fought the urge to splurge on materials when I already have so much.  That’s why I’m glad this special order came around; it gave me the excuse to get some felting needles!

The needles really aren’t expensive.  Just $7 for a pack of 5.  They also sell holders for you to insert the needles into.  The holder is the part that you grasp while you’re working.  It says on the box that you should not use your felting needles without the holders.  Not true!  The holders are nice because they allow you to use up to three or four needles simutaniusly, thus making your felting go faster if you are making a larger piece.  But for small, detailed pieces you only need one or two needles, which you can easily just hold together between your fingers, and the holder is an extra $7 ($14 for the holder and three needles).  Plus, as you can see in the before mentioned video, Moxie doesn’t use a holder and she makes awesome stuff!

Luckily, I already have a good amount of wool roving (which is needed for this process) and I only had to buy a little more since I didn’t have the orange and reds that I would need to make a ware wolf carrot and zombie radish.  So as soon as I got home with my needles I started poking around and practicing with some of my other colors.  The first piece I made was this googly-eyed eggplant pin, which I gave to my husband.  He loves to wear produce inspired pins to work at Trader Joe’s.

After the eggplant I decided to make this mouse.  The mouse’s body is the same shape as the eggplant, I just changed the color and added ears and a tale.

I’m currently working on the ware wolf carrot and zombie radish, but once they’re done I’ll be sure to share them here!

Thank you for stopping by!  If you haven’t yet tried needle felting I encourage you to do so.  When you do, post a picture of your project on zweens facebook page because I’d love to see it!


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