New needle felted designs

Yesterday was the MayDay Show at Bela Dubby.  The best part of the show was being surrounded by so many talented people from the Cleveland area.  Despite the rain (or maybe because of it), we had a pretty good crowd in the small coffee shop and I was able to sell three of my new needle felted pins; a mustached banana, a ware wolf carrot, and an eggplant with eyeglasses)!  These sales, along with the four special requests from Jon’s coworkers at Trader Joe’s, leads me to believe that I need to explore this media and subject matter further.  So today I made several sketches of new designs and worked on some new pieces, starting with my forth special order of an evil cupcake with a mustache…

I went ahead and made a second one just like this one plus another, more girly cupcake which I didn’t get photos of yet (today is not the best day for photography).

Last night after the show I came home and felted this little devil…

And finally, here’s a flamboyant carrot that I had at the show but hadn’t shared with you yet on the blog…

To see some photos from the MayDay show, make sure to check out zween’s facebook page!


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