Giveaway Day!

I am thrilled to announce that I am participating in Giveaway Day Hosted by Sew Mama Sew!  Officially, Giveaway Day starts Monday, May 23, 2011.  For a complete list of all participating blogs and shops check out the Sew Mama Sew blog on Monday morning.

But what is Giveaway Day?  It’s an excuse to browse other people’s blogs and shops with the added bonus of possibly winning a little handmade treasure for your troubles.  Plus, it’s just an exciting way to meet new people!

I invite you to browse around and if you like my blog, you’re welcome to sign up as a follower or like zween on facebook.  I don’t have an Etsy shop (yet) but if you’re in the Cleveland area, some of the things that I make are available at a locally owned shop called Crafty Goodness.

This is my very first giveaway!  The item that I will be giving away for this event is this funky skull needle felted pin.

I just recently started needle felting out of a couple of unusual requests and I really enjoy the medium.

To win this pin just write a suggestion in the comments below for an idea you think would make an interesting/funny/weird/creepy idea for my next pin.  Check out my recent posts to see some of the things that I’ve been making lately.  You may post a comment between now and midnight (eastern standard time) on May 25, 2011 to post your comment.  The person whose suggestion I like the most will be the winner and the pin will be shipped to you on May 30, 2011!*

*I will only ship inside the United States.

Please make sure I have your email address, or I have no way to contact you.  Anyone in the US can enter, but if you are not a blogger with an email address available on your profile, then you must leave your email address in your comment.  To avoid getting spam, leave your email in the following format:  emailaddress (at) provider (dot) com.  Make sure you check your junk folder on Thursday in case my email goes there.  If you are an international reader I am sorry that I won’t be able to send you this pin, but I would greatly appreciate your comments if you choose to leave one!

This contest is now closed.  Thank you everyone who participated!

Hope you have fun browsing all the giveaways!!



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35 responses to “Giveaway Day!

  1. Nancy White

    I love your blog! my idea for a cool funky pin would be a weird warbler, you now the little birds that stop off on their way to their breeding grounds!
    They can be quite colorful, and since most come from tropical regions south, you could incorporate sombreros or such!

  2. Morgan

    A lobster. I’d love the pin for my fabulous fiber arts sister — she’s a skulls fan! Thanks!

  3. Amy

    What a cute little pin! A creepy lizard.

  4. So fun! My DIL would go crazy for this pin!!! Thanks for participating in SMS!

  5. Trinity

    Omg, this is awesome! With all the Dexter episodes I’ve been watching lately, I keep thinking that a dismembered doll pin would rock. 😛

  6. Cute skull – love seeing the needle felting. I think some sea life would make great pins – squid, anenome, kelp, anything beyond the basic fish! Thanks!

  7. Love the pink skull!! Fro another weird item, how about a ballerina owl? Or a chicken carrying its head…like, in a chicken with its head cut off?!?

  8. Meadow

    My idea, via my five-year-old daughter, a dead mouse!

    Myself, I am partial to the skull.

  9. I’m a former Clevelander (actually lived in Lakewood for a few years) so it was fun to find your blog via Sew Mama Sew! We actually still have one Clevelander writing on our blog, now.

    Anyway, I’d suggest trees of some sort because I like trees. You can make them evil trees since that probably fits your theme more.

  10. I think an Angler Fish would be great. 🙂 Perhaps a Loch Ness Monster?

  11. I want to learn how to do this one day. I think a tiny garden gnome would be super cute!

  12. So cool! I’d like to see a needle felted human heart — the anatomy kind. Don’t know how that would work but it would be cool! Oh, a brain, too!

  13. Beth

    Maybe it is just because it is close to my dinner time, but how about a wedge of swiss cheese? the holes would make it interesting!

  14. Sarah

    I love the pink skull! I’d probably have to give it to my boyfriend the horror movie addict though. My idea for another felted pin would be a rotten or evil tooth!

  15. Jasmine

    Aaaah, mustaschiaoed cupcake *swoon*. Personally, I’d love to seeing a winged ho-ho (you know, the rolled cake with cream filling and a yummy chocolate exterior?). Fabulous, fabulous blog and work!

  16. I think a pineapple pin would be cute.

  17. This pin is super cute! I think you should make Dracula or a bat (upside down pin).

  18. Robyn

    You should do a weenie dog skeleton. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Super cute. I have a friend that’s all about pirates and I think she would love this as a gift. Hope I win.

  20. My suggestion,..cupcakes 🙂 I love your work!

  21. Allison Gougeon

    Very Cute! My daughter would love it! (Allison)

  22. Lisa

    A “zombie-saur” (dinosaur)….

  23. I’m so bad at coming up with ideas! A mustache with eyes? An evil gnome? A version of the fuzzy headed trolls from the ’80’s?

  24. I think this skull would be great in all different colors! A bat would be awesome, too!

  25. Lauren

    i LOVE the skull, its SPLENDID! i’ve never felted, so i don’t know what the limitations are… could you make a pen… (‘i’m a pun girl..) a felt pen… get it?

  26. my daughter would love this. Have you considered doing sports logos? Might be popular.

  27. You could totally do a hand. Just a hand. Disembodied and such. This is really fun! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  28. What about a sagrado corazon? Love that pin!

  29. How about an eyeball with some blue shadow on the lids and some crazy eyelashes? Sounds weird, but I’d totally wear it!

  30. Get yourself an Etsy shop, pronto–these are FAB! I love the veggie pins so much; birds? (not creepy or weird, but would be darling).

  31. That is so cute! How about a coffin?

  32. geez, i was thinking barbells. how about a heart? not the cute heart, but the actual organ. rifle? your big toe? beer bottle?

  33. This is a hoot! How about a bloodshot eyeball on a toothpick–to go with a companion piece, a slime green martini?

  34. I fear I may be a few minutes too late for the giveaway, but I still need to comment to tell you I am TOTALLY impressed with your needle felting skills! I learned this craft about a year ago, and I have never attempted something so small! The strange ideas that just came to me (I have no idea why) are a rubber chicken, a strawberry with a slug on it, a beady-eyed rat, or a wicked fairy. Hope that is useful to you. 🙂

  35. Jackie W.

    I think just a plain mustache would be cool also would love to see a spider with a face

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