Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Skull Giveaway this week!  I got a lot of fabulous suggestions and I really appreciate it!

Though I had many awesome entries for this contest, the winner of the giveaway was Kelly P with her entry of “tiny garden gnome.”

My next announcement is that zween now has it’s very own e-mail address that you can write to if you would like to contact me directly without writing a comment here or posting on the facebook wall.  You can find it on the new page at the top called “contact,” which replaced the page called “facebook.”  You can still find the link to zween’s facebook page on the contact page.

Finally, if you really liked the skull pin and live in the Cleveland area, I will be teaching a class in needle felting at Crafty Goodness on June 5th at 2pm.  The cost of the class is $20 and you can find all the details about it on my “events” page.


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