Spring Fest 2011

Today I had the pleasure of attending the First Annual Spring Fest on the front steps of the Lakewood Public Library.  As far as I can tell, LEAF (Lakewood Earth And Food) put on the Spring Fest event, which included a plant swap, hands on activities for children, local craft venders, Local food venders (cheese and honey) and a sampling of local restaurants.

But what is LEAF?

LEAF is dedicated to the development of a more sustainable, healthful and economically viable community through environmentally responsible actions producing broad access to fresh, local foods, knowledge and culture.”

Every Wednesday Lakewood Earth And Food hosts LEAF Night Market (similar to Spring Fest) at the Lakewood Public Library which is the pickup location for several CSA (community supported agriculture) programs.  The program that Jon and I are participating in this year is called City Fresh.

City Fresh works with 16 local farmers to bring shares of produce to people throughout Cuyahoga and Lorain counties. LEAF Community volunteers work with City Fresh employees to manage the Lakewood Fresh Stop.

Chris (above left) was kind enough to explain to us how the process of picking up our produce on LEAF Nights will work.

How the program works: (taken directly from the LEAF website)
Shareholders are required to pre-pay for shares at least 1 week ahead. Low-income shareholders receive a discount. The price for the regular income shares is slightly padded to subsidize the low-income share cost and some administrative expenses. Ohio Direction Card is proudly accepted.  The program will run for approximately 20 weeks. Delivery will be weekly at LEAF Nights (Wednesdays a the Lakewood Public Library) starting on June 8th.

Jon and I are very excited about getting fresh, locally grown veggies on a weekly basis throughout the summer.  It’s something that we wanted to do when we lived in Sandusky, but since the farmers market was on Saturdays, we were never able to make it due to our jobs.

The following are some more photos I took today at Spring Fest.


These are super fun and tasty! It’s like a liquid pixie stix!

Plant Swap!

Cheese from Lake Erie Creamery. This creamery is located in Cleveland and distributes all over this area, including the Catawba Island Club, right down the street from where I grew up!  Unfortunately, we weren’t in the market for any cheese this week, but the Goat Feta was really good and the young couple watching over this booth were super nice.  We were told that Lake Erie Creamery will have a booth at LEAF Nights every other week, so we’ll have to get some cheese next time around.

Robin of The T-Shirt Diaries.  Robin is an eco-friendly mom who makes really great upcycled clothing.  You can find some of Robin’s creations at my favorite local handmade shop, Crafty Goodness!

Puppies! LEAF Night is a dog friendly venue, as we saw many furry friends this evening. As you can see, these little guys really liked Robin’s booth too!

If you are in the Lakewood area I hope you come out the a LEAF Night in the future (every Wednesday from 5:30-8pm for the next 20 weeks).

For more news about events like this, like zween on facebook!



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3 responses to “Spring Fest 2011

  1. Tipsy Lucy

    Those honey sticks look absolutely divine!

  2. mephibashef

    who is the contact for becoming a vendor? I am curious because I recycle grocery bags into purses. that sounds sustainable and green

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