String Market Bag

Now that Summer is here and the farmer’s markets are underway, you’ll need a great market bag to carry home your fresh fruits and veggies!

I’ve always wanted to make one of these and made my first attempt last summer in Morocco after I lost my handmade mesh bag at souk (market).  (Click here to see pictures from the weekly souk in our small Moroccan town.  Unlike in America, these outdoor markets happen year-round; rain, snow, or shine.)

My first market bag was made with a thin acrylic yarn, similar to the cotton used for this bag, but the acrylic ended up being a bit stretchier.  I also made up the pattern for that bag myself.  The result was a bag that was way too long when weighted down with heavy fruits and veggies.  No good.

This year I decided that I’d rather try my luck with a ready-made pattern and found this one from the Purl Bee.    This is a very good pattern for a beginning crocheter because it’s a complete tutorial, in addition to a pattern.  I used this pattern for the mesh part of a bag (a different bag, not shown) but was again unhappy with the length (even though I hadn’t made as many rows as recommended) and again it was too long and awkward.

That’s when I came across this post on the blog Yarn Junkie’s fix.  I saw the pictures and knew that it was exactly what I’d been trying to make all along.  I emailed Mandi for the pattern, and a couple of weeks later I was finished.  This bag works up more slowly than the one from the Purl Bee, but it was a perfect project for slow times during my last two craft shows.  What makes this bag great is that it’s short but full, allowing for more outward expansion instead of just downward.   The bag still stretches under the weight of veggies of course, but it’s a more manageable size.  I like that I can carry it either on my shoulder or straight down without it dragging on the ground, which is saying something because I’m on the shorter side.

Do you have an idea for a summer project that you want to tackle?  I’d love to hear about it!



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5 responses to “String Market Bag

  1. senjiva

    I did the same thing wrong with my mesh bag. It’s waaaaay too long when filled. That would be a great craft for us to do together. (And a good excuse to buy some more cotton yarn).

    • congratulations Margaret! you just wrote my 100th comment! It is a good project. I have plenty of cotton yarn though, I inherited quite a bit from my Grandma. one bag uses almost a whole ball of the stuff.

  2. Lovely. I have made this pattern out of a combo of yarn and plarn, but you are right about the stretch… it gives much more than i planned. Love your project. I am always crocheting, and as usual making more of my plarn and recycled yarn purses…. crocheting wire, viking knitting is my latest.

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