More New Needle Felted Designs

So I’ve been working on some new needle felted creations lately and thought that I’d share what I’ve come up with so far.  I’d love any input that you would like to share in terms of which designs you think are successful or which ones need some work.  Or if you have ideas as to items or characters you think would make good pins or ornaments, just leave me a note in the comments below or on my facebook page.  Thanks bunches!

Above is the garden gnome that Kelly P. suggested for my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Post.  This little guy is about 3 and 1/4 inches tall, a little too big to be a pin, so I made him into an ornament instead.  I’m pretty happy about the way that he turned out.  And, because it’s an ornament, you are able to see him from every angle.

To go along with the whimsical garden theme, I made this little toad stool, using the Mario Brother’s mushroom as my muse, but without eyes.

Continuing with the mushroom theme I made these two little guys, this time with the eyes included but using non conventional Mario colors.

Last week I had a job interview for a position at a local bakery that specializes in breads.  For the occasion I decided to make a bread themed piece and this is what I came up with; Pirate Toast.  The owner, who was interviewing me, noticed it right away! This may have had something to do with a certain pirate movie that was recently released, though I haven’t seen it yet.

This little guy is a Mexican Corn Cob and came from a sketch that I did recently.  Originally, he was supposed to be a cow boy, but the hat was looking more like a sombrero than a coy boy hat so I just went with it.

And finally there is this interesting pin.  This was a suggestion/request from one of my husband’s work colleges.  Can you guess what it’s supposed to be?



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2 responses to “More New Needle Felted Designs

  1. Nancy

    real cute, can’t guess what the new design is, dad said a cartoon, he can’t remember the name of, I don’t see any weird warblers, they would sell during the biggest week of bird watching next year! just make an assortment, cause everyone has their favorites.

  2. I have been thinking that I’d do some birds soon. And no, the new design isn’t a cartoon. Keep trying…

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