Avocado Juice

Today my husband made me a drink known in Morocco as Aser lavoca, or avocado juice.  Though it is known as a “juice” in Morocco, it is more closely related to a milk shake in the most literal sense because it is actually made with milk (not ice cream).

Ingredients (makes two large glasses)
One ripe avocado
1/2- 3/4 cup milk
6 ice cubes
sugar to taste

Blend first 3 ingredients above until very smooth.  Add sugar in small amounts to taste.  Serve and drink!  Refreshing and nutritious!

This is a very popular drink in Morocco and variations include apple juice, banana juice, and almond juice.  All of these are made in pretty much the same way, though you needn’t add sugar to the apple or banana juices.

You can also get the best orange juice you’ve ever tasted if you visit Morocco.  Moroccan orange juice is not made with milk by the way (yuck).  It’s just fresh squeezed and served right before your eyes.  No water or sugar added.  So refreshing!

Do you have a refreshing summer drink you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear it!

Image at top of post:  Needle felted avocado that I made the other day.



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2 responses to “Avocado Juice

  1. senjiva

    sooo. it’s an avocado smoothie? It sounds good. Now, to get other veggies into the smoothies without tasting gross.

    • ah yes, a smoothy! That’s what it’s called! So good. Do people usually use milk in smoothies? I usually associate them with yogurt. I really hated the taste of milk in Morocco. For some reason it has a completely different taste. The only way I could drink it is if I blended it with banana or apple, or drank it warm in coco. We didn’t usually buy avocados when in our town because they were so expensive. We’d usually only get avocado juice when we went to a cafe in a larger town or city.

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