Road Worthy

Now that it’s summer it’s time to get the bikes out and tune them up!

Last weekend my husband and I went garage sale hunting and found the bike shown above.  It’s shown here after we took the parts we wanted, which included the seat, brake pads, handle bar grips, and wire basket.  Not bad for just $5!

The white handle bar grips, breaks, and seat were put onto my 10 speed pink Univega.  I’ve had this bike ever since I was about 15 years old.  Before that it was my Dad’s bike and I have no idea where he got it.  This bike is also sporting two brand new tires and inner tubes, compliments of my Dad.  (Thanks Dad!)

The basket went on our old Schwinn.  My Dad gave this bike to my husband a few years back since he didn’t have one.  Again I have no idea how old it is or where it came from.  If fact, that’s pretty much the way it is with a lot of things my Dad owns.  It probably came from and auction or a friend.

I’ve been riding the Univega for the last couple of weeks to go to my brother-in-law’s house and feed his dog everyday.   Yesterday was the first time Jon and I went out together for a ride.  We went down to the park on the lake then rode around town a while.  After we came back home we were talking about the bikes and decided to lower the seat on the Schwinn to see if I’d like the way it rides better.  I did.  I can’t really explain why, but it’s much easier for me to peddle and the brakes are a lot better (despite the fact we just put better brake pads on the Univega).  Since I ride everyday, Jon said he’d feel better if I would just use the Schwinn instead, and when he did want to use a bike he’d ride the Univega.

So that’s that, I have a bike that I really love riding and tomorrow I’m going to the local bike shop to get a few more necessities (bike lock, helmet, pump, and maybe a rear view mirror).

Tomorrow evening is our first LEAF night veggie pick up.  We’re planning on going to it in style on our bikes and carrying our produce back in a box strapped to the rear rake of the Univega and putting the rest in the basket on the Schwinn.

Biking is the most efficient form of transportation, so get on your bike today and go somewhere!


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