Small Doll Project Complete

It really feels good to finish a project the day after starting it.  All too often I start something then just cast it aside with every intention of finishing it and then it never happens.  Does this ever happen to you?  You know the feeling, you get to a certain point and then your crafting ADD kicks in and it’s off to the next thing.

This little doll is so cute with her bright blue hair.  Now that she’s finished I can work on making some additional outfits if I get really ambitions.  But let me warn you; those tiny tiny hems are tricky!  I always loved the handmade Barbie Doll clothes my mom and grandma made for me, but now I have a whole new appriciation for them!

Here she is wearing just her little dress from the front and back…

And in this picture you can see her little bitty underpants…

To complete the outfit, I made her a crochet beanie hat and a pair of brown boots.

It was a fun project to learn some new techniques and practice my sewing skills.  If you’ve made a project recently that made you push your already existing skills or prompted you to learn some new ones I’d love to see it.  Just go to zween’s Facebook page and post a picture on my wall.



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2 responses to “Small Doll Project Complete

  1. She is so adorable! Youu can make them for your ETSY site!

  2. Nancy

    Good job, Emily, she’s cute!

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