Lakewood Street Sale

I’m proud to announce that one of our favorite local businesses, Crafty Goodness, is participating in the second annual Lakewood Street Sale!

The sale kicked off today, but don’t worry if you missed it because it will be going on tomorrow and Saturday from 10-5 as well.

Today we started off with the best of intentions with tables just outside of the Crafty Goodness threshold, but the weather soon turned and chased us indoors.  Despite the less than ideal weather conditions several people came in to shop, browse, and craft.

That’s right, in addition to the street sale today, Crafty Goodness also had Drop In And Craft, as they do every Thursday.  The sign is a little worse for wear.  Evidently it has rained every Thursday since Chris made the sign (go figure), but that isn’t stopping lots of people from coming in to participate.

Starting tomorrow and continuing on Saturday, Lolly the Trolley will be offering free rides between several Lakewood businesses, plus a scavenger hunt! The trolly will run from 12-5 on both Friday and Saturday and you can read more info about it here.


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