A Little Summer Adventure

After Jon came home from work this afternoon he suggested that we take a little bike ride down to Lakewood Park.  It’s a beautiful park and we’ve been there a couple of times before.  It’s amazing how much is going on there!  We started our ride around 7 pm and when we arrived we stopped for a while and watched a couple of innings of a kid-pitch baseball game.  Nearby the baseball diamond was a skate park area with lots of kids on skate boards, bikes, and even unicycles!  Further North are some tennis courts, a swimming pool, and an enormous playground area with lots of swings and jungle gyms.  Past that is a large covered picnic area with grills and another baseball diamond overlooking the lake.  Once you get into this area it’s mostly open grass dotted by trees and criss crossed  with winding paths for walkers, joggers, and bikers.  Just before you reach the edge of the park there’s a couple of sand volleyball courts then at the Northern most point is a ramp that snakes down to the water where there’s a brick promenade.  From here you can see downtown Cleveland to the East or walk along the promenade West.  The park was a buzz of activity with people using each of these areas that I’ve described, while at the same time not seeming to be overly crowded.  The atmosphere was laid back and relaxing with everyone out to enjoy a beautiful summer evening and perfect weather.  This Monday, July 4th, Lakewood Park will have a fireworks display which I’ve heard is particularly spectacular.  Since Jon works early that day we plan on ridding our bikes once again to enjoy the show.  What have you been doing with all this gorgeous and relatively mild summer weather we’ve been having?


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