Stash Busting September

Do you have a big stash of art/craft supplies?  It’s time to get them out and start using them!

Stash Busting September was created The T-Shirt Diaries and Pinkapotamus to give us makers motivation to start really getting into our supplies and de-stashing them.  Oh man do I have big plans for this challenge!

For all of the guide lines about this challenge make sure to check out this post and link your blog to it so that you too can participate, but in the mean time I’ll give you an overview of what Stash Busting September is all about.

By participating in this challenge I pledge to not buy any art/craft supplies in the month of September for personal use, (please note that by participating in this challenge one is not obligated to sustain from buying supplies for business purposes) and will instead use only supplies that I already have on hand.  This includes items from thrift stores and yard sales.

The T-Shirt Diaries is all about upcycling, which is right up my ally.  As an added challenge, I’m going to also participate in the Stash Busting Contest, which involves making an upcycled craft from my stash.

So now that you know about Stash Busting September what are you waiting for?  Sign up!  You have until September 3rd to link up to Stash Busting September, but why wait?  I know you like a challenge so get going!


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