Car Kulture and Hell on Wheels Craft Extravaganza

I love old cars! I don’t know a lot about cars, of any age, but there is something about old cars that’s just cool. When it comes to cars in general, all I really care about is reliability, gas efficiency, and safety. But when it comes to classic cars, it’s all about the style! Most of all, I love rounded corners and cute, small frames (like the cute blue one above parked outside of Crafty Goodness. The lovely lady in polka dots is none other than Chris Sorenson, the owner of Crafty Goodness). I love to see restored classic cars, but even the ones that own their oldness are fun too…

Wendy and I were in awe at this VW pop-up. Believe it or not, their were at least two of these (that I saw) at yesterday’s car show but I really liked the paint job and pop of yellow canvas on this one…

But enough about the cars.

To take advantage of the heavy foot traffic up and down Madison Ave, Crafty Goodness participated in the Hell On Wheels Craft Extravaganza along with several other local businesses (Spitfire Saloon, Goddess Blessed, Breakneck Gallery, and Keyhole Gallery). Chris invited several crafty businesses to set up table displays in front of and inside Crafty Goodness which included Artables and Buza Bags…

Beethings Studio (background) and pottery by Cindy (foreground)…

By the way, how cool is this shirt (and henna)?!

The lovely and talented Arooj was producing the most amazing and intricate henna designs and teaches henna classes at Crafty Goodness.

I had a table for zween set up indoors, but spent most of my time working on a new plarn owl purse outside to take advantage of the lovely weather.

The best thing to come out of this show was all the great contacts and connections made both between us makers and between Crafty Goodness and the general public. Because the shop is still fairly new, there are still many people in the Lakewood area discovering Crafty Goodness for the first time. I spoke with one local Lakewood gentleman who said that if it weren’t for the cars, he would have never known that Crafty Goodness was here, but how glad he is to know it exists now.

The truth is, this happens a lot. Most people, even if they really appreciate handmade and locally produced items, don’t actively seek out shops like CG or even craft shows (except maybe during the holidays). That’s why I think these types of events are so important and have the potential to be such a success. These people didn’t come out to shop for handmade items; they came to look a cool cars, listen to some live music, and maybe grab a bite to eat and a cold beer. But in addition to these things, they got to see some pretty cool handmade items and meet the people who make them. Now their experience of the event was that much fuller and hopefully a seed was planted so that they may return the next time they’re looking for that extra special gift or unique item for their home or wardrobe.

If you missed this event never fear. The car show is an annual event in Lakewood, and I’m sure that it only gets better each year, as more people with classic cars become aware of it. But remember that Crafty Goodness and the other brick and mortar shops on Madison Ave are their year round and always appreciate your support. So buy local; it’s good for you, your community, and your dog.



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3 responses to “Car Kulture and Hell on Wheels Craft Extravaganza

  1. Ok. that was your best blog post ever! Loved it!

  2. Love it! Such a good point that people don’t think about local crafting stores until they see cool events like this. I am bummed we were so crazy busy that we missed this event I LOVE the red car.

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