Plastic Sack Button Bag

If you’ve been to a vintage store recently, or remember the 60s-80s, than you’ve probably seen a button bag.  It’s a pretty cute design really.  They have wooden handles, a lining, and an outer layer of the bag which is removable via the buttons and can be reversed.

I came across one such bag on a recent thrift store visit and knew immediately that I wanted to use it to make one of my handbags made with recycled plastic grocery bags.

What you see here is my second attempt.  My original idea was a variation on a granny square, but alas, it was an epic fail 😦

What can I say?  I’m just really in love with working in the round and utilizing the tapestry crochet technique.

Yep, that zig-zag pattern didn’t happen by accident!  I love the variations in designs that can be achieved with tapestry crochet.

What sets this bag apart from all the other plarn (that’s plastic+yarn=plarn) bags I’ve made to date is that it’s lined.  Not that it needed to be lined.  In fact, I like it better when they aren’t, but since the lining was already attached to the handles I figured I might as well just leave it attached.

Like the messenger bag featured in my last post, this plastic bag purse will be available for sale starting this Friday, September 23rd in the gift shop at MOCA; Cleveland.

Thank you for stopping by!  If you are a fellow crafter who makes purses or items with plarn I’d love to hear from you.  Leave me a comment below.

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3 responses to “Plastic Sack Button Bag

  1. You never cease to amaze me with your plarn creations, and this bag is no exception! I love to see what you come up with.

    I’ve been crocheting for 21 years, and I had never heard of tapestry crochet until now. I just googled it, and I’ll have fun researching for awhile. 🙂 Thanks!

    • I’m so glad to hear that I’ve opened someone’s eyes to tapestry crochet! It is by far my favorite way to color work and add interesting surface designs to crochet (as opposed to just texture). The way that I learned was a book full of general needle crafts from Reader’s Digest. I was a couple of years ago while I was in Peace Corps and the book was from the early 80s but it did the trick.

  2. Knittwittowo

    SO nice – inspires me to continue attempting to crochet

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