Call for Artists: Coffee + Crafts @ the Root Cafe


What is Coffee + Crafts?

Coffee + Crafts is a four-day-long indie craft trunk show event taking place at The Root Cafe December 15th-18th from 4-7 pm.  Each day three different artists will showcase their unique items to the public in the warm, inviting, and community-centric atmosphere of The Root Cafe.

What we’re looking for in an artist/crafter for the Coffee + Crafts show:

Quality–  No matter what you make, make it well!  You will be asked to submit 3-5 photos of your work.  Make sure those photos are accurate representations of your work so that it shines!

Variety– We want to offer a variety of items at this event, which is why we will be showcasing three different crafters each day of the show.  That means a total of 12 crafters will be represented over the course of the 4 days!  When applying, please indicate all the dates you are available to exhibit your work.  The more dates that you are available, the more likely you will be to be chosen.  That said, you may still be chosen even if you are only available one of the dates.  In addition to having a variety of different crafters at this event, we also want the products that these crafters offer to be different as well.  In other words, this isn’t going to be a show of 12 jewelry artists, or 12 crochet artists, etc.

Cohesion–  Though variety is important, we also want this event to have some cohesion, so we will be looking for items that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Coffee related (ceramic mugs, coasters, take out cup cozies, etc)
  • Environmentally sustainable (items made from recycled, organic, or sustainably harvested materials)
  • Holiday related (greeting cards, ornaments, etc)
  • Winter apparel

Uniqueness–  If you have ever been to the Root Cafe you’ll realize that it’s not your average coffee shop.  It’s one of a kind, it’s eclectic, it’s…unique!  We’re looking for vendors who embody this.

Outgoing personality–  With only three artists showing each day, we hope that this will give vendors the opportunity to make personal connections with the patrons of the Root Cafe.  Remember that what you do is interesting to a lot of people.  Don’t be afraid to tell your story (about who you are, how you got started, how you make your items, etc).  This is all part of the alour of buying handmade, so don’t be shy!

Sound good to you?

Great!  We’d love for you to apply!

How to apply:
Just email zween.mail[at} to receive your application or if you have any questions about the show.  Applications are due by October 31st, so don’t delay!

Coffee + Crafts has it’s own page on this site!

Click the Coffee + Crafts button at the top of the header to view all the pertinent details about this event.


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