DIY mobile

Yesterday I had the urge to make something for the new baby again, and thought that a mobile would be a fun project.

It all started with a box full of beautiful origami paper cranes that my husband made for me in 2004.  I forget exactly how many he made, but I believe that it was over 100!  At the time we were living in two different cities; I in Cleveland, Ohio and him in Atlanta, Georgia.  He sent the cranes loose in a care package.  I always meant to do something crafty with them and yesterday I finally got my chance.

I’ve never made a mobile before, but I knew that I wanted it to be very light and delicate, so the cranes where a perfect fit.

To give the paper cranes some weight, I added a few beads to each strand.  The thread that I used was just a little heavier than regular sewing thread and it is doubled.  The beads and cranes are secured from slipping off the string by the bottom most bead/decoration.  I did not bother securing the decorations at the top since gravity will keep everything in place.  To keep all the strands organized and prevent tangling while I worked, I clipped each one to my sewing basket as seen below.

Once I had several strands to work with I started cutting down some green floral wire.  This wire is a fairly thin gauge and can be easily cut with scissors.  I had no idea how long to make each piece so I just played around with different lengths of wire.  I ended up using longer lengths at the top and the shortest ones at the bottom.  I bent each end of the wire upward to create a loop as seen in the photo below.

Creating balance in the mobile is very important and can’t be done unless you have the piece hanging as you work. So to help me construct this piece I used our floor lamp which has bendable armatures.  It was the perfect height for me to work.  Balance can easily be reached by adjusting the wires and threads.  Remember that you will need to continuously adjust this balance as your piece gets longer.

It’s also important that the strands do not easily tangle when the mobile gently rotates, so testing it to make sure that it does so is also very important.  Because this whole mobile is so light weight it can easily rotate with the most gentle indoor air currents.

After the mobile was as long as I wanted and I was satisfied with the way it was balanced, I secured each knot where the thread meets the wire with some clear-drying super strong non toxic glue.  This allowed me to clip the thread ends completely without the worry that my knots would come undone.

And here is how we can expect our little one to view their mobile as it hangs (high) above his/her crib.

Thank you for stopping by!  If you have a story about mobile making that you’d like to share I’d love to hear it!  Just leave me a comment below or write on the zween facebook wall.  Happy Crafting!


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  1. Nancy

    Love your craftiness, it is beautiful. Seems you are still recycling!

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