Meet Virginia + Crochet Turtle Photo Prop


Today I’d like to introduce a very special little lady, my daughter, Virginia!  Virginia was born on July 15th, which makes her just 13 days old today.  We have so enjoyed having her in our lives so far and are looking forward to so many exciting years in the future.

Virginia’s turtle shell was inspired by this photo I saw on Pinterest.  To replicate the design, I made 6 granny square-esque pentagon motifs in green with brown boarders and connected them using a single crochet stitch (also in brown) which gives a raised appearance like you see in the photo above.  The shell can also be worn with the reverse side up, giving a more flat appearance, as seen in the other photos.



Doesn’t Virginia make a happy little turtle? Stay tuned for more crafty baby and nursery ideas!

Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!



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2 responses to “Meet Virginia + Crochet Turtle Photo Prop

  1. Nancy

    Virginia makes a beautiful turtle!

    Grandma N

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