Pin-spiration; Flip-Flop Rehab


Trying to balance first-time motherhood and making things for my own enjoyment/ sanity, I came up with the idea to create a new blog series called “pin-spiration,” where I do projects inspired by things I see on Pinterest.

This flip-flop project seemed like the perfect place to start.  It looked simple enough and I thought it would be quick.  Lucky for me, it was both!

I saw this pin this morning, and since the little one was sleeping, I took the opportunity to get my craft on.  Unfortunately, there was no additional tutorial or explanation to go along with the series of photos, but the photos tell the story anyway, so it wasn’t difficult to follow along and recreate.

For my version I re-purpossed a pair of very worn (and uncomfortable) flip-flops as well as an old shirt that was in my “to use for other purposes besides wearing” pile.



Next, I removed the plastic thongs from the flip-flops (the cause of my discomfort).


Finally, I cut four strips of fabric from the shirt measuring roughly 2.25 inches by 18 inches each and attached them to the flip-flop soles, as shown in the photos below, adding a glob of hot glue to keep the knots in place.



And there you have it!  A “new” pair of useable flip-flops that I can actually wear instead without getting a blister.

When was the last time you saw something on Pinterest that inspired you than actually made it (or traveled there, etc)?  A lot of times we have the best of intentions to do make things but then life kind of happens and it doesn’t get done, or you just plain forget about it.  So today I’d like to encourage you to go look through your Pinterest boards and find all those DIY projects on your to-do list.  Pick one out and at least get it started.  Or better yet, find one that you think you can follow to completion today!  Go ahead, get YOUR craft on!  Then come back here and tell me what you made.  I’d love to see it!

Thank you for stopping by.  Happy crafting!



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2 responses to “Pin-spiration; Flip-Flop Rehab

  1. Zoe

    Oh no! The shirt was awesome!! But I guess it’s sacrifice in the name of comfortable shoes was noble.

    • don’t worry Zoe, looks can be deceiving, it was actually not that awesome. But don’t worry, it won’t go to waste. So far I’ve only used the bottom hem. There is still the buttons, beads, sequins, and much more fabric to use!

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