The Plarn Project; Plastic Bags Transformed


Today I am submitting my proposal to be a part of the Akron Mini Maker Faire on November 2, 2013.

Project Summary:
By transforming the ubiquitous plastic super market sack into chic and durable handbags, Emily Lindberg is diverting hundreds of plastic bags from landfills.  The Plarn Project; Plastic Bags Transformed, showcases these creations so as to inspire others to see the potential in what can be made out of trash.  In addition to inspiration, the project educates the public about the stress that plastic bags place on our ecosystem, and Emily will be instructing willing participants how to create their own plastic yarn (plarn) out of 100% recycled material.


(Plarn medicine bag)


(Plarn belt pouch for cell phone)

plarn owl wristlet

(Plarn owl wristlet purse)


(Plarn shoulder bag)

Along with actual examples of my most recent plarn creations, I will be providing key statistics and facts about the effect that plastic bags have had on our environment since their introduction in 1977.

I will also be conducting ongoing demonstrations of plarn making for anyone who is interested and will have plenty of plastic bags on hand so that participants can make as much as they’d like!

I hope that my proposal is accepted, and if it is, I hope that you can make it out to see me!


Looks like I’ll be going to be a maker in the faire!!!  So come on out to see me and all the other makers!  Also, be sure to like my facebook page for updates on all things zween as well as reminders about the faire.  See you soon!



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6 responses to “The Plarn Project; Plastic Bags Transformed

  1. This is a really great idea.. now I know how to upcycle all those unnecessary bags 🙂 btw how did you attach the zipper to the owl purse?

  2. Valerie

    Where do you find the different colors of bags? I seem to be limited to a few colors based on the couple stores in my area…

    • The brown ones come from Kroger and the grey ones are from Wal-Mart. The pink green ones are harder for me to find, but they come from Marc’s.

  3. Will you be posting any patterns? I would love to start up cycling and showing people that yes it can be cute also!

    • Excellent question. To tell you the truth, I haven’t made anything out of plarn in quite a while now. I would like to get back into it and coming up with new designs. If and when I do they will be posted here!

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