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Learning Moroccan Embroidery

This May I will be teaching an embroidery class at Crafty Goodness.  In the class, I will introduce a very unique and traditional style of embroidery known in Morocco as “Fesi,” after the well-know city of Fez (or Fes, as … Continue reading


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DIY Ewok Costume for Baby

Although Return of the Jedi is my favorite of the Star Wars movies (which just so happens to feature the Ewok species), growing up in the 80s, it was the made for T.V. movies about the Ewoks that I was … Continue reading


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Crafty Classes!

It’s not too late to sign up for some crafty classes with me this month!  Fesi (Moroccan Embroidery) class In this class you will learn a traditional style of embroidery from Morocco called Fesi by making an embroidered sampler to … Continue reading

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Cleveland area crafty news for May

If you haven’t checked out the Events page recently make sure you do.  May will be an exciting month for zween! First up is Oddmall; Emporium of the Weird on Saturday, May 7th from 10-6  at the Clarion Hotel and … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunting; Thrift Store Finds

Above; Someones stash of punch embroidery thread ($8.00). Do you love thrift store shopping?  Me too! What is it that is so appealing?  There are three main reasons that I shop at thrift stores: 1.  I don’t want to contribute … Continue reading


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A Crochet Tale…

This is a story about how crochet not only influenced my work with the Al Falah Woman’s Cooperative in Oulmes, Morocco, but how it became the driving force behind it. First, a little background.  When I arrived in Morocco as … Continue reading


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DIY Valentine; Heart Pin + Gift Box

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (tomorrow!), I thought it would be nice to share a quick and fun project that could be a nice parent-child activity…making a heart-shaped pin and with origami gift box! I got the idea … Continue reading

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