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Type Set Drawer Coffee Table Mash-up

What do you get when you take a vintage type set drawer and add sleek Mid Century Modern legs from the ugliest coffee table you’ve ever seen?  A very awesome furniture mash-up!

I’m really proud of this piece.  Mostly because I made it nearly all by myself.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of the entire process, or the original coffee table we cannibalized the legs from (trust me, it was truly hideous) but I’ll try to explain the process as best as I can.

It all started last June when we found these two gorgeous type set drawers at a yard sale (just $10 for the set!).  When we saw them we decided that we wanted to make two tables out of them; a coffee table and an end table.  Well, a few weeks later we found a really great end table at yet another yard sale (also for just $10) that was very cute and had that Mid Century Modern feel that we like so much.  We also had a lot of trouble trying to come up with legs for our type set drawers.

What a odysey that was.  For the complete story, please read my post from June titled “A Local Hardware Store, Home Depot, and a DIY Project; a true story.”

But then our luck changed when we came across a really awful coffee table with really great legs at a thrift store.  (again, I’m so sorry that I didn’t take a picture of the monstrosity before it was dismantled.)

Luckily the thrift store was in my home town and we were able to use my Dad’s tools (vice grips) to fully dismantle the table before even getting it home.  The legs are the screw-on kind with a metal bracket that attach to the underside of the table.  Since the base of the drawer is super thin, and because I wanted to damage the original drawer as little as possible, I wanted to find some scrap wood to screw the brackets onto.  Again I was in luck because my Dad has a bunch of scrap wood and a chop saw so I decided how I wanted my wood pieces to be and he cut them down for me.

For the next step I needed to pre-drill the holes for the screws.  I was really excited about this part because it was my first time using my “new” drill (also found at a yard sale this summer).  Then I went to work sanding the rough edges of the newly cut wood and staining it with some dark stain that I had.  We decided not to refinish the legs themselves at all.  As luck would have it they matched the drawer nearly perfectly as they were and though they are a bit scratched up, we don’t really mind.

After all of the legs were attached to the wood scraps with screws I decided where I wanted them to be on the drawer then glued down two of them using wood glue and clamps.  I only had two clamps so I had to glue only two legs at a time and let them set for 24 hours each time.

Now came the fun part; filling the compartments!  We don’t collect a lot of little trinkets, but I was still able to find plenty of treasures; coins, shells and rocks from our travels, old keys, buttons, spools of thread, wine corks, feathers, lapel pins, an old pocket watch, etc.

To finish it off we went to Lakewood Hardware for them to measure the drawer and have a piece of glass cut for us.  They had to order the glass, which took about a week.

Now we have a one of a kind, upcycled and totally awesome coffee table that is truly a conversation piece!  If you enjoyed this project then like zween’s facebook page to get updates on similar posts.

Thank you for stopping by!

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P.S.- Did you notice the fun paper mache fire in the fire place?  That was the brain child of my husband.  To read about how he made it, check out this post.



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