Please visit my Etsy Shop!  If you see something here on my blog (or Facebook Page) that is not available in my Etsy store just contact me via and Etsy convo or email ( and I will be happy to make a special listing for you if the item is still available!

Check for upcoming craft shows on the “Events and Shows” page.

If you are in the Cleveland area you can also find my work at Crafty Goodness  (15729 Madison Ave. Lakewood, Ohio)



4 responses to “Shop

  1. sarah


    I absolutely love your work. I saw your stand at the Ingenuity Fest and could barely walk away from it. I wanted everything on the table! I purchased 3 of the fabric collages you had available. Was wondering if you still have the two above available (the owl and mother hen)? I just love them. I have recently taken up knitting and find your work with plarn fascinating. So glad to find you at Ingenuity!

    Sarah Chahy

  2. Susan

    i have already emailed you and I don’t mean to be a pest. Well, maybe I do. I still would like to know if I could buy the pattern for the purse with the round wood recycled handle. I’m 77 y/o and have no intention of selling these. I do, however, have a concern about our environment.

    • Hi Susan, Sorry that I did not get back with you sooner. I’m very sorry but I do not have a pattern for that purse. Most of the purses that I have made are one of a kind. I know this is not a very satisfying answer, but I just kind of wing it as far as the pattern. I will say though that if you are an experienced crocheter, you should have no trouble with using any pattern that you want to make, just substitute plarn for yarn. Remember that the more uniform that you cut your plarn the better your finished pice will turn out. I hope this helps. And if I do actually write out some patterns for my plarn items, rest assured I will be posting info about it here on my blog. Thank you for your interest in my work and your concern about our environment. Happy plarning!

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