Earth Day project: Milk Jug Bird feeder

Happy Earth Day!

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day? How about tackling this classic, quick, and easy project for turning a milk jug into a bird feeder?!

Materials needed:

  • as many one-gallon or half-gallon plastic milk jugs as you want
  • one chop stick or skewer per milk jug
  • one coat hanger per two bird feeders or some string
  • hot glue and glue gun (optional)
  • knife
  • wire cutters if using coat hangers
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • pliers

Step one: After washing the milk jug, make two holes in two sides of the jug. Do this by first making slits in the plastic with your knife to get started, then use your scissors to make nice circles. The plastic is really easy to cut. I used the circles that are already on the jugs as guides, which are fairly large. If you are concerned with attracting larger birds, make your holes smaller.

Step Two:  Using your hole punch, make a small hole under each of your larger ones for the perch.  Thread your chop stick or skewer through both holes.  Secure with hot glue if desired.

Step Three:  Take your coat hanger and cut as shown.  Make two slits on opposite sides of your jug near the cap.  Insert the ends of the newly cut coat hanger and bend the edges so that it is secured inside the jug.  Hot glue around the holes if desired to reinforce and to prevent water from leaking through the holes.

Step Four:  Speaking of water, you will want to make a few holes in the bottom of your jug for drainage.  Make these with your knife, or better yet, a small drill bit.

Now all you need is bird seed and a tree limb to hang up your feeder(s)! Don’t miss out on future tutorials, stories, and news about upcoming events by liking zween on Facebook!



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3 responses to “Earth Day project: Milk Jug Bird feeder

  1. Nadia Myres

    woooow thanks

  2. Cindy Honaker

    This looks like a great project to add to our birding unit. I teach special ed.

  3. Paula

    Hello, just making your bird-feeder, thanks for the good instructions, can’t wait to see who stops by for a meal.

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